Grant Supportand Fundraisingding

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Grant Supportand Fundraisingding


Giving Globally

Give Globally aims at helping at-risk and poor families and children across the world.

We all know how much can make one meal or just a common book... or one child saved from human trafficking. That dream turns to life when God's people join Him in a mission throughout the world.

No matter the size of your dream, we can help thousands of people to make their dreams come true and to support our mission partners globally.

Use the button below to go to Donate page and make a donation. Sign in if you are already a user, or create an account to donate in digital form. Once you are logged in, assign your proposal for missions.

Food Help

If you are in need of food, we are here to help you. Our food storehouses are full of non-perishable food. They are open at the following locations/times:

Food Storehouse Gables Campus
627 Anastasia Avenue
Coral Gables, FL 33125
Mondays 9:00 am – Noon.

Food Storehouse Kendall Campus
14257 SW 119 Avenue
Miami, FL 32386
Wednesdays 9:00 am – Noon

For more information call us at
+1(234) 567-8901 Ext.244 or +1(234) 567-8902

City Serve

This is a citywide movement that helps a lot of people in our state. We are committed to serve our city, to work in parks, community centers, schools, colleges, stadiums, and so on.

This happens on numerous sites two to five times a year. Volunteering in society allows us to live with others, improving the city in which we live.

Join our next City Serve.


Our aspiration to help people in need goes beyond the walls of our church to the city of Denver and to the whole world. With local and global partners, we engage teams to work on simple tasks, such as landscaping, gardening, and painting, for particularized missions in medical, dental and agricultural skills.

For more information call us at +1(234) 567-8901 Ext.244 or +1(234) 567-8902

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