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    We believe when people gather together and have fun, they grow into a powerful community. We understand that it is difficult to meet new friends and find people eager to share their interests. At Denver Church community, we strive to find new ways to build closer relationships with God and one another. Our small ministry groups come together to deeper study the Bible, learn more about each other, and to put their knowledge into practice. There are some short-term and more long-term groups for those who are just beginning to believe in God, and for those who follow Christ during all life. If you like meeting other people together, come to join our adult ministry team.

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    Young Adults

    Here at Denver Church, we are committed to providing college students and young adults with a place to develop closer relationships with God and greater love for others. Young people have a chance to perceive a genuine and vibrant community and to spiritually grow together through weekly meetings, activities, serving, and mission trips.
    We want to grow into a larger group because we care about you. We want to learn more about you and to find out what is going on in your life. Adult groups help us realize this mission. Each week, we will get together to spend time in a small environment to talk, process, and pray about what is happening in your life.

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    Children from the Denver Church have the opportunity to discover the world around them. We encourage them to follow directions, take care of others, and to develop their skills. We strive to develop each child physically, socially, mentally, and intellectually. Students learn to resolve problems, apply their knowledge, and to find their place in the world when they begin to understand the roles of each other. Children participate in a diverse variety of creative, thrilling, and fun activities that help them reveal God's love. Together with parents, we are laying the spiritual foundation on which every child can build his life. From the very early stages, we strengthen these basic principles: God created me, Jesus loves me, and the Bible is true.

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    Elementary School

    The Elementary School ministry at Denver Church is full of fun and creative activities. The Highway is our weekly ambiance, where the Bible comes to life and becomes personalized for children, while playing games, working on various projects, making arts and crafts, and much more.

    We center on the creation of an ambiance for small groups where they can spend time sharing their own thoughts and questions with a friendly and devoted leader.
    And since our goal is to collaborate with parents, once in a month we offer an ambiance called FamJam. Here children and parents have an opportunity to study together in a 40-minute creative show with music and video to convey God's.

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    Middle School

    Young men and women are trendsetters with the ability and desire to change our world! We strive to inspire them and to help them reach their goals and teach them how to find and follow Christ.

    We have a place that all middle school students at Denver Church should check out! This is a weekly ambiance where they can combine fun games, appropriate learning, and hanging out with their friends. Regardless of whether you are participating in our journey for the first time or not, we ask all high school students to go to the registration kiosk and enroll in.

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    High School

    We know that for high school students, it is important to fit in and be recognized as you are. Our community welcomes all students from high schools!

    Parents and students have a chance to get together for entertainment, listen to favorite music, and get inspired to live the life that God offered them.

    We understand all teens are trendsetters. Young men and women with abilities and drive to change the world. We believe in them, helping them achieve their goals, and teaching them how to find and follow Christ.

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    Special Needs

    The Denver Church is proud to offer a special program for children with disabilities. Our highly trained volunteers take care of them in a fun, safe, and supportive learning atmosphere. Our main goal is to help each child open God's love.
    There are 2 simple ways to enroll in your child: download the form and return it to the registration kiosk the next time you visit or go to the registration kiosk and ask for help in registering your child for special discoveries.
    As soon as we receive your form, our special coordinator will schedule an appointment for you.

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    Worship Arts

    Worship at Denver Church is dedicated to connecting with God in active and creative ways.

    Every ministry lasts for approximately an hour, attracting and conveying relevant messages from a lead pastor Richard Bell and worship music to make you closer to God's presence.

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