A Brief Introduction

The Jews of Cuba belong to three main communities: the Sephardic, the Ashkenazi and the Orthodox. The President of the Ashkenazi community was for many years Dr. José Miller, z”l, and the President of the Sephardic community is Mr. José Levy Tur.


A committee integrated by five community leaders belonging to the three communities that was presided by Dr. José Miller z”l, represents them before government authorities.

The Patronato, site of the Ashkenazi synagogue, has been recently renovated, with the help of the Joint Distribution Committee.

The Orthodox Jews meet daily for religious services at their synagogue in Old Havana.

The declaration of the Communist Congress of Cuba in 1992 that stated that Cubans could practice their religion and be active members of the Communist Party marked the beginning of a rebirth of Judaism and its culture, after years of assimilation.

At present the Jews of Cuba are claiming a well deserved place among the Latin American Jewish communities.

If you are interested in getting more information about the Ashkenazi community of Cuba at present please visit the website of the American Joint Distribution Committee (click on News and Features)