Welcome to the Union of Jewish Congregations

of Latin America and the Caribbean

The Union of Jewish Congregations of Latin America and the Caribbean was born out of a very successful First Encounter in Costa Rica in February 1998, attended by representatives of progressive Jewish communities in the area.

The Union strives to preserve the continuity of Judaism in the region, while giving a voice to all the small Jewish communities in Latin America and the Caribbean, that would otherwise stay ignored and isolated, facing by themselves the multiple challenges to survival inherent to  micro communities.

The Union supports unconditionally the basic principles of Judaism and concentrates its efforts in the education of the youth so that its children receive the incredible richness of the Jewish heritage.

The Union extends a friendly hand to all the Latin American and Caribbean communities that have not yet joined it as members, and hopes that they will soon become active participants.  In this manner they will enrich even more the tapestry of progressive congregations that weave it with an exclusive design of aspirations and a common purpose: to form the Union.

UJCL: Mission, Vision and Values

Those of us who are part of the UJCL strive to ensure the significant continuity of the tradition of Israel from the development of a Jewish and Zionist identity that is also regional and our own. Especially taking into account our young people, we are determined to develop proposals that enrich the lives of our congregations and their members, creating networks of connection and containment that strengthen us and give  additional dimension and magnitude to our joint work

 In this spirit, we believe in the continuous creation of a common space  that allows us to express a vital, dynamic and transcendental Judaism. Recognizing our roots in the ancient principles of the Jewish people, we affirm the freedom to practice our Judaism in a pluralist, authentic and respectful manner, emphasizing the importance of Jewish education, the centrality of the State of Israel and the equality between men and women.

As part of our work, we invite all the communities in the region recognized by international Jewish organizations to be part of our Union. We support all those projects – proposed by us or external – that respond to our vision, while we do not get involved in the internal affairs of the member institutions. We work in a unified way to establish links with international Jewish institutions and participate in political actions both at national and international levels that reflect our values and principles. We affirm the importance of respect as one of the foundations of our tradition, and we commit ourselves to respect all those that recognize and respect us.


 “Connecting and strengthening Jewish communities”

Board de la UJCL

Executive Board de la UJCL

 Ricardo Stanley, Presidencia, Comunidad Israelita de El Salvador, El Salvador

Rene Levy Maduro, Consejero a la Presidencia, Curaçao

Joshua Kullock, Director Ejecutivo, Rabino de Comunidad Hebrea de Guadalajara, Guadalajara

Phil Gelman, Vice-presidente, B´nei Israel, Costa Rica

Amalia Mikler, Secretaría, Asociación Israelita Montefiore, Bogotá

Ernest Motta, Tesorero, Kol Shearith Israel, Panamá

Mark Moel, Pro-Tesorero, Comunidad Hebrea de Guadalajara, Guadalajara

Jhonatan Ruas Sint-Jago, 1er vocal, Beth Israel, Aruba

Past Presidents

Honorary President: Marvin Sossin (CR)

Eduardo Moel (Guadalajara)

Jean Claude Kahn (ES)

Martha Lichtenstein (Aruba)

Jack Davidson (ES)

Hilda Ten Brink (CR)

Extended board

Ainsley Henriques (Jamaica)

Stephen Henriques (Jamaica)

Ernesto Motta (Panama)

Julieta Maduro (Panama)

Eduardo Freund (ES)

Anny Weill (ES)

Janeen Isaacs (Bahamas)

Jack Van Niel (Suriname)

Rene Maduro (Curaçao)

Cesar Alvarez (Guadalajara)

Frank Von Der Walde (Bogota)

Rabbinical Advisory Committee

Rabino Gustavo Kraselnik (Panama)

Rabino Rami Pavolotzky (CR)

Rabina Daniela Szuster (CR)

Rabino Daniel Kripper (Aruba)

Director of Communications

Fernando Lapiduz
Community Director and Spiritual Leader
Comunidad Israelita de El Salvador


Aruba Bahamas Colombia
Costa Rica Cuba Curacao
El Salvador Honduras Jamaica
Mexico Panama Suriname